Guide to Finding the Best Cancer Charities to Donate To

The American Cancer Society is one of the major non-profit organizations fighting to eradicate cancer, and there are many other cancer foundations and organizations fighting the good fight and other cancer charities to donate to as well. Breast cancer awareness has showed us that we are all touched by this disease, by knowing a friend or family member who is battling breast cancer. Indeed, breast cancer donations have been steady but more is needed. Skin cancer is also very prevalent in our sun loving society and can be very deadly.


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Donate to cancer charities.

Unfortunately, cancer also affects children, and donating to a good children’s cancer charity is a great way to help so many young innocent children afflicted by cancer. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to help, you may want to donate to a cause that you feel strongly about.

Beware that some cancer charities have very high overhead and only a small portion goes to actually fighting cancer.

There are many ways to make a difference, and this article will help explain how to choose the right criteria when you are looking for the best cancer charities to donate to.  Jump below to continue reading about giving to cancer charities.


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Breast Cancer Charity Organizations

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The American Cancer Society is one of the most significant non-profit organizations battling the fight against the many forms of cancer. There are also an abundance of other non-profit charities that fight specific types of cancer. The Susan G. Komen Foundation helps people who have been directly and indirectly impacted by breast cancer. Most people know at least one person whose life was changed by a diagnosis of breast cancer.

The St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital treats infants, toddlers, children and teenagers who are battling cancer. Whether you donate your time as a volunteer or would prefer making a cash donation, you may want to donate to a charity that impacts your soul.

Some charities, however, have a very high overhead; this means that a very small portion of the donations received by the organization actually go towards fighting cancer.

There are many ways you can make a difference. Here is some information that will help you compare criteria to ensure you find the best cancer charities and are donating to the perfect cause of your choice.  Breast cancer donations are on the rise, but more is definitely needed by the many cancer charities.


Importance of Breast Cancer Donations

Even the most straight-forward, reputable, well-known and honest non-profit cancer charities have overhead and marketing costs. A significant portion of every dollar goes directly to the organizations directly responsible for cancer research when you choose a reputable charity. In lieu of a cash donation, you can always donate your time to a charity of your choice.

As a volunteer for a skin cancer, breast cancer or children’s cancer charity, you can assist in organizing fundraising events in your community, you can be a patient advocate or visitor and you can elect to help put together gifts and promotional materials for patients, sponsors and vendors. These non-profit organizations need volunteers as much as they need cash donations.

If you want to make a significant direct impact on cancer research, you can always skip the middleman organizations and go straight to the source, to give your breast cancer donations. The federal government, in addition to private and public donors, fund medical research by sending funds directly to the National Cancer Institute; this organization is a direct affiliate of the National Institutes of Health.

Scientists from all of the major universities and private institutes compete for NCI funding each year through a peer-reviewed grant process that is highly competitive and rigorous. Harvard University, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and many other well-known organizations compete for these important cancer research grants.

The NCI is responsible for ensuring that all research is focused, targeted and sustained. To make your donation go farther, you can invest in the research companies and and private institutes who are actively performing cancer research. When you cut out the middleman, you avoid portions of your gift being directed towards covering administrative costs, marketing materials, fundraising or other program needs. There are an abundance of NCI-funded cancer research centers you can choose to give breast cancer donations to if you have extra money to give.

Some of the best charities to donate to are breast cancer charity organizations, skin cancer foundations and children’s cancer charity groups. While these three types of cancer are often the most talked about and most prevalent in marketing and mainstream media, cancer is not one specific disease. Cancer makes up more than 100 different diseases with varying degrees of complexity.

Role of Children’s Cancer Charity

Rather than donating money to fighting cancer on a more general scale, you may want to direct your volunteer work and monies towards programs that focus on providing quality end-of-life initiatives for cancer patients and their families. Cancer support groups, camps for children with cancer and various in-home-care programs for end-of-life patients are all organizations that help assist patients, children and families afflicted by a cancer diagnosis.  Consider donating to a children’s cancer charity.


Breast Cancer Charity Organizations

There are several trustworthy online resources that let you evaluate and compare charitable organizations. Each organization is given a rating in a variety of categories, so you can compare and contrast to determine which organization speaks to you most. If you find an organization that you would like to donate money to, you should first conduct a small test.

Send a small donation, or volunteer a tiny portion of your time to gauge their response. If you receive timely appreciation for your gifts or resources, and if they keep you informed about advancements within their mission and organization, you may want to continue to donate your time or money to the non-profit.  There are many good breast cancer charity organizations if you look hard enough.

If you would prefer to exclusively donate your time in the form of volunteer work, you should explore local cancer charities, hospitals or organizations in your area to see what types of services are needed in your community. Many social workers, staff and nurses at these centers can provide invaluable insight into opportunities, departments and ways in which you can donate your time or resources in ways that benefit all parties.

Set up tours with local organizations, breast cancer charity programs, centers that take breast cancer donations and other local non-profit organizations that afford you the opportunity to speak with other volunteers, staff members and even patients to determine how your volunteering will make a difference.

If it is your nature to act in a philanthropic manner and donate your money and time to humanitarian efforts and organizations that are at the forefront of the battle against cancer, every dollar you spend and minute you volunteer makes a difference. No donation or amount of volunteer time is too small when it comes to impacting the lives of men, women, children and their families suffering from a cancer diagnosis. The best charities to donate to are ones that are appreciative of your donation of time or money, are transparent with how they allocate their funds and are selfless in helping fight the fight against cancer.


Donating Your Spare Change To Cancer Charities With Your Smartphone

Every charity in the world is searching for simple ways for people to donate money, and they are now using apps that help collect spare change from their donors. Read about what happens when you are using fundraising apps to give to the charities that you are compelled to give to. This process gets so much simpler when you are giving to a charity in this way, and you will notice that you can use as many apps as you want to give.

had wit spare coins donation

1. What Do These Apps Do?

The best charities to donate to have set up their own apps or have joined programs offered by other apps. This means that they link with your debit or credit card to collect spare change. Some charities are so big that they can afford to have their own app, and others work through a fundraising app that you have downloaded. The donation app will take all the change from your purchases so that you are giving in tiny ways every time you make a purchase.

2. How Does The Change Program Work?

The change program rounds up all your purchases to the next dollar. Let us assume that you spent $12.54 on an item. The app will round that purchase up to $13.00. The extra $.46 is given to the charity of your choice. You are spending a tiny amount fo money on giving, but it adds up over the year. You are giving so much more money to charity in this way, and fundraising sites add up these donations at the end of the week or month. You could give a hundred dollars or more every month to a good cause, and that makes you feel good about giving.

3. Choosing

Fundraising sites and fundraising apps make it easier for you to pick because they show all the charities you could give to in different categories. You can pick any charity you want at any time, and you could give to a new charity every time you make a purchase. Change your selection in the app, and a donation app allows you to diversify your giving. You can see at the end of the year that you gave so much more money to good causes than you would have if you had to write them a check.

4. Why Does Spare Change Work?

The best charities to donate to are easier to pick out when you are only giving a few cents of every purchase. You never think of those extra few cents because you never know how much tax will come out to in the first place. It is easier to give that money to the charity of your choice, and the charity benefits instantly. You are not putting in a lot of extra work, and you are still giving. You do not feel strange writing a big check, but you are giving a lot more than you thought you would otherwise.

Fundraising Apps

The charities that you give to must receive as much consistent support as you can give. The simplest way for you to give to these charities is with your spare change, and the apps that you use send the money after every purchase. Connect your credit or debit card, and the app calculates your spare change, sends the donation, and does all the work for you.

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