Choose the Best Children’s Charities to Donate To

Children’s charities are among the most popular recipient’s of charitable donations in the US, and if you are feeling generous then this article will help you choose the best children’s charities to donate to. It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of children suffering, and it is so heartwarming to hear the stories of caring people and organizations who help children in need.

best children's charities to donate to

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to help, you may want to donate to a children’s cause that you feel strongly about. Some charities have very high overhead and only a small portion goes to actually helping children. You can donate clothing, school supplies, and toys, and of course you can give money to your favorite children’s charity. This article will inform you to choose the right criteria when you are looking for the best children’s charities to donate to.  Continue reading below.


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Choosing the Best Children’s Charities to Donate To

Choosing the best charities to donate to is not an easy feat. The government found four bogus cancer charities with conning almost $190 million in donations in 2015, where these organizations used donations to buy luxury cruise trips and even online dating memberships. These stories can make picking the right charitable institution not only intimidating but also bothersome.

best children's charity to donate to

When we give to charity, it can be quite rewarding – not just for the receivers but us as the givers as well. There are a thousand worthy causes that you can pick from even though unfortunate events can make giving a little daunting. Nevertheless, if you wish to find the best children’s cancer charity or any charitable institution, this guide will help you choose the right one to donate to, so keep reading below.

Check Charity Ratings of Children’s Charities

While you can research the options for children’s charities yourself, it is beneficial to check in with charity recommenders. These groups are made up of individuals who carefully and methodologically review and study charities all over the country and the rest of the world.

Take a look at what these groups recommend, which are genuinely insightful, mainly if you are thinking about a monetary donation. You will find recommenders that provide guidance on how much of your contributions should go to a specific charity.

Go for Charities That Use Research-Based Techniques

Charities, especially ones that focus on helping young children, typically perform studies or at least aid in funding them. They may also use research literature to conduct their purpose. For instance, some children’s education charities focus not only on education but also on providing deworming treatments in impoverished areas. According to research, such treatment can assist in improving economic and educational outcomes.

Through helping spread awareness for specific diseases, including parasitic worms, the children would eat more healthy food, and experience reduced hunger rates. Families also invested in some assets, such as iron roofs, even though may be expensive. It is also reported that these causes enhanced the psychological well-being of the children.

Pick Charities That Help Children Abroad

You may believe that you will find the best children’s cancer charity in the United States. However, it is no secret that developed nations, such as the US, are much more productive than developing ones, such as Kenya and Uganda. These areas experience extreme poverty where some children live in families that get by on $2 per day.

global children's charities

While some places in the United States also have poverty issues, these instances are typically hard to find and target effectively. Also, even the poorest Americans have access to education and healthcare systems, which are undoubtedly superior compared to those of developing nations.

It is indeed admirable to give to charities domestically, but if your goal is to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to saving lives, improving the children’s well-being, and reducing illnesses, it is advised that you choose charitable institutions abroad.

Do Your Own Research

Researching does not just involve looking up charities and discovering what other people are saying about them. You can look at their long-term goals and their short-term objectives as well. At the same time, you should also clarify your own values, which you should do before you volunteer your time, offer material things, or open your checkbook.

In this stage, you should be able to identify your preferences, especially regarding the most important to you. Ask yourself if you want to help children’s education charities or you want to give to sick children instead. Perhaps you wish to provide assistance to fight hunger for low-income families in other countries. This is also where you evaluate whether you want to support a small or large charity, a new or existing one, or an institution that is located in your neighborhood, region or another nation.

Check the Legitimacy of Children’s Charities

Some people think that all charities are worthy of their time, money, and assistance. However, some have legitimacy and other issues. If you find a nonprofit, it means the IRS recognizes this specific organization as exempt from tax. You may want to see a letter of determination or the institution’s official listing in a directory, particular if it is faith-based.

The significant part of the research is that you should get all the cold, hard facts. Any reputable organization has a defined mission, and its programs should be laid out clearly. There should also be measurable goals, and concrete criteria are used in describing the achievements of the charity.

If you are looking at the finances of the organization, be sure to compare apples to apples, meaning you should look at the charities that perform the same type of work. This part is essential because the kind of charity work can affect the operating costs of the organization dramatically.

It also makes sense to avoid charities that do not want to share information with you. There will also be some organizations that may pressure into giving. No reputable nonprofit would keep their programs and finances to anyone, including potential donors.

In this case, the organization should be willing to provide you with literature regarding their work or at least show you their website that has all the details you may need. A trustworthy charitable institution will take a “no” from you if you do not want to accept their invitation to donate.

Find Out How the Charity Organization will Use Your Donation

This step is quite critical, particularly if your intention is to donate money. You want to determine how your money will be used. Charitable institutions have overhead costs, and it may be surprising to know that only a portion of what you donated will go to the actual charitable cause. The percentage will depend on the organization itself, but prominent ones will typically put at least 75% of donations to the purpose.

Trust Your Instincts

The best charities to donate to are typically based on the preferences of the donor. Sometimes, a children’s charitable institution may not make you feel it is the one for you. If you have doubts about a specific charity after all the research you have performed, you do not have to contribute to it. Instead, choose another nonprofit that may have the same type of work, which makes you feel comfortable and that is when you make a donation.


Donate Your Spare Change To Charities With Your Smartphone

Every charity in the world is searching for simple ways for people to donate money, and they are now using apps that help collect spare change from their donors. Read about what happens when you are using fundraising apps to give to the charities that you are compelled to give to. This process gets so much simpler when you are giving to a charity in this way, and you will notice that you can use as many apps as you want to give.
donate spare change donation app

1. What Do These Apps Do?

The best charities to donate to have set up their own apps or have joined programs offered by other apps. This means that they link with your debit or credit card to collect spare change. Some charities are so big that they can afford to have their own app, and others work through a fundraising app that you have downloaded. The donation app will take all the change from your purchases so that you are giving in tiny ways every time you make a purchase.

2. How Does The Change Program Work?

The change program rounds up all your purchases to the next dollar. Let us assume that you spent $12.54 on an item. The app will round that purchase up to $13.00. The extra $.46 is given to the charity of your choice. You are spending a tiny amount fo money on giving, but it adds up over the year. You are giving so much more money to charity in this way, and fundraising sites add up these donations at the end of the week or month. You could give a hundred dollars or more every month to a good cause, and that makes you feel good about giving.

3. Choosing

Fundraising sites and fundraising apps make it easier for you to pick because they show all the charities you could give to in different categories. You can pick any charity you want at any time, and you could give to a new charity every time you make a purchase. Change your selection in the app, and a donation app allows you to diversify your giving. You can see at the end of the year that you gave so much more money to good causes than you would have if you had to write them a check.

4. Why Does Spare Change Work?

The best charities to donate to are easier to pick out when you are only giving a few cents of every purchase. You never think of those extra few cents because you never know how much tax will come out to in the first place. It is easier to give that money to the charity of your choice, and the charity benefits instantly. You are not putting in a lot of extra work, and you are still giving. You do not feel strange writing a big check, but you are giving a lot more than you thought you would otherwise.

Fundraising Apps

The charities that you give to must receive as much consistent support as you can give. The simplest way for you to give to these charities is with your spare change, and the apps that you use send the money after every purchase. Connect your credit or debit card, and the app calculates your spare change, sends the donation, and does all the work for you.

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